Krysta’s Story

I had never heard of a brain injury until it happened and I had one. It’s one of the split second things I guess.  On August 31st, 2013, my life changed forever.

An old friend and I were in the car one evening and she didn’t stop at a stop sign. It’s all black from there for me, but that’s when it all happened. We were t-boned on my side of the car and right after the accident she tried to drag me out of the car. People had to stop her. 13 hours later I finally made it to the third and final hospital I spend my first month at. I had a broken pelvis, collapsed lung, traumatic brain injury, and burst bladder. I was in a coma my first week with non-convulsive seizures due to the head injury. Another month later I went to a rehab hospital and I worked on getting better.

It’s been a really long road, a road I’m still on. Doctors tell me 1-3 years to recover and then I may not be healed from my brain injury and it’s scary. I lost all of my old friends after my wreck because I was this “new person”, but I’m figuring out how to cope and learn to live with the new me every day.

I use coping skills I learned from going to a psychologist and psychiatrist. When I get really anxious I just breathe in and out and count the breaths to distract myself. Another coping method I use when I am stressed is to picture a place that’s peaceful and makes you happy, like when I’m stressed I’ll picture the beach. Also, power naps can help, they’re about 15-20 minutes but when you wake up you’ll feel refreshed and it’ll help stress. And, I will say that at first I was scared about talking to someone about my problems, but it can only help you and I definitely suggest doing it. A therapist is a great person to vent your feelings to if need be. It is stress relief and they can give good advice.

Here’s a before and after from my wreck, though the brain injury isn’t totally healed yet. I have to say to anyone out there going through stuff like this – don’t give up!

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krysta 2

9 thoughts on “Krysta’s Story

  1. Thanks for sharing. My daughter is the same age and had her car crash around the same time. She is suffering in so many ways, and thriving in so many others. I wish you well. You are all brave soldiers for going through this.

  2. ellen leahy

    OMG you have been through so much. May I ask if your brain injury had a negative effect on the recovery of your other injuries? You look beautiful! Keep at it!

    1. Krysta

      It did have a negative effect on my pelvis healing, the TBI overstimulated the bone growth so I have extra bone poking into my hip. I’m going to an orthopedic for that very problem currently, the right side of my hip has extra bone that looks so jagged it’s knife like haha. I go back in a month to see a hip specialist who decides if surgery is the best option to get rid of the extra bone growth though. Thank you so much :).

      1. Krysta,

        I was on the internet tonight and google led me to you. For starters, thank you for sharing your story. I myself suffered a traumatic brain injury on May 29th of this year. We both are definitely still here for a reason. I hope your additional injuries are healing well. You sound like such an amazing person. I understand on my own account what it is like to be the same person and a bit different. It looks like I will be attaching my email address below. It is always nice to speak with someone who can relate. Don’t ever give up. Have a great night Krysta.



        1. Krysta

          I’m glad to know it helps people that I’ve shared my story because it definitely helps to talk about 🙂 thank you so much 🙂

      2. Anonymous

        Hi Krysta my name is kelly, i had a tbi in 2010 broken pelvis, back, neck, collarbone, ribs and I have pins holding my knee together, spent 3 months in a coma and 7 months in hospital, only now after 5 years of very hard rehab do i feel able to talk to people I always felt so alone in my head, in my own world as no one can understand the difficulties faced by people like us. you have done so well my friend, please feel free to email me if u would like to talk to me. Kelly

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