Miranda’s Story: March 2015 TBI Awareness

Special thanks to Cindy and Miranda at Compassionate Care, Endicott, New York, for creating this video to highlight Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Miranda was one of the first stories published on this blog.  Miranda, and everyone at Compassionate Care, you have come a long way! You can view Miranda’s Story here:  https://braininjurystories.org/2011/12/21/mirandas-story/


Muscle Memory contributed by Amiara H., survivor written by John Hathaway The sea swirls and I flounder, tossed, struggling for air-for control. Pain, fear, memories and emotions I can’t quite distinguish, like icebergs, tips visible no evidence, just knowing there’s much larger masses beneath. How to breathe, amid so much turmoil? It seems I can’t …

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