Your Story

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Dear Reader,

We, the survivors of brain injury, have so much to say – to each other, and to the world.  Our unique journey, though often trying and difficult, has given us a special gift of vision.   Our daily struggles have taught us powerful lessons of strength, of love, and of humanity.  We have become more than just students of life.  We have become teachers with powerful messages to share.

We hope you will read our stories with the same passion and conviction we experience as we travel on our course.  Life’s a wild ride, so stay happy, stay positive, and most of all, remember we are all in this together.

Best wishes

5 thoughts on “Your Story

  1. I had a car accident in 2000, was knocked into a comma and suffered traumatic brain injury. All my life I thought I was this invisible strong self supportive women. Then oct. 11 2000 changed my whole story. I find now that the hardest thing to deal with is the lack of compassion people have. Sometimes it makes me just want to quit trying but my never say die attitude says GIVE IT ONE MORE TRY and if I change just one persons mind its worth it. A JOURNEY STARTS WITH A SINGLE STEP…. YOU ALL HAVE REALLY INSPIRED ME THANK YOU

  2. This is wonderful. I spent 7 months in a coma. I am in rehab now relearning how to live a decent, normal, hopefully happt life again. It is greT to have sone place where I can learn from other people’s experiences.

  3. Debbielee Thomsen

    I am a suvivor of an auto accident in 2001. The world went through a big change shortly after I came back from a coma. (9/11). it has been a long time working at living and it does get better. it’s not easy but it is rewarding to know I have come far enough to now help others in recovering a new life. God bless everyone in their work.

  4. Debbielee Thomsen

    I used to be able to handle anything that came my way,,,
    oops the accident changed what I was going to say.
    Ah, so many times I want to go back…
    my brains so many times I want to rack.

    I’m still not used to the way things are.
    I need to make a wish on a falling star.
    Life the same, it will never be,
    Making new dreams is the way to see.

    Sometimes it’s hard to figure things out;

    I really just cry, when I need to scream and shout.I’m gong to get better, sometimes my own way,
    if it’s in this weird world I have to stay.

    1. martin patience

      hi debbie i totally understand all what u are saying and how u feel, i had serouis brain injury ,life is so much diffrent ,be lovely to e-mail each other,i wrote a book all about my life ,u can download it on . its called A DIFFRENT LIFE BY MARTIN PATIENCE , TAKE CARE X

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