Muscle Memory contributed by Amiara H., survivor

written by John Hathaway

The sea swirls and I flounder,

tossed, struggling

for air-for control.

Pain, fear, memories and emotions

I can’t quite distinguish,

like icebergs, tips visible

no evidence, just knowing

there’s much larger masses beneath.

How to breathe, amid so much turmoil?

It seems I can’t gain any footing and I’m helpless,

set upon by currents, by cold, by uncertainty.

I see other sailors, steering their skiffs

calmly, joyously, almost effortlessly–

they seem one with their sea.

Fleeting memories of calm waters come back to me

Then I’m caught in another swell once more.

Why does it seem so catastrophic at times? I feel completely alone for
moments, hours–lost in a lost world, so to speak–not knowing how to
rise up from the depths of my fears, my uncertainties. But then, I get
an email or phone call–run into a friend and listen to them explain
their struggles to me, and I don’t feel alone anymore–I know that we
all have areas of our lives that we feel overwhelmed by, and I’m so
grateful that none of us have to face this world-this work-alone. It’s
tough, overcoming years of floundering–that’s why I’m so glad to have
all of you in my life!!!

Be well, be aware, and know that you are
loved! John

*            _______________________________________________             *

The Lonely Tree

written by Miranda S.

In the fields of yellow stands one lonely tree;

The supervisor of all its followers below

It almost looks sad, that with all it’s towering power,

 It has nothing to touch it.

And the water flows as freely as our love; unending, unrelenting,

I wish I could float with you in the shale stream and see where life takes us;

Through the rocks and all, and you will be my preserver in the rough parts, as I will be your lookout as you shall rest.

 And together we will see the shine of moonlight and break of day as we become one under no one but God.

I look around and think this is the way it should be.

The trees, ferns, flowers.  The water flowing clear and unpolluted.  This is what God intended.

Then an airplane flies overheard, going back to society without cars, jobs, streets, hustle and bustle.

We have destroyed what God created for our convenience, our need for social structure.

I find serenity knowing there are still places left virtually untouched, where God still shines his light down,

 Then I think maybe there is hope for us.  Just maybe.

If I had one wish, I would change the world back to streams, animals and foliage, and to never let us return to our polluted, corrupted lives we lead now.  

Let us live in peace with God’s unspoiled naivete.

You are my majestic oak.  Intimidating, strong and powerful.

 I wish I could sit on your branches where I am safe, and be with you always.

Summer flowers blossom. 

The smell is so sweet, yet leaves such sadness in my heart knowing I can’t share them with my love.

Tip toe, tip toe, thunder cracks.

And I stand alone among the ferns and shrubs.

God’s beauty truly shines today between the four leaf clovers and the rainbow.


             *              _____________________________________________                   *

What Are Words

Chris wrote this song for his fiance, Juliana, who sustained a TBI from a car accident after their engagement.

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